Use Cases

OnApp provides different cloud models and deployment strategies for you to build an environment that is right for your needs. This document is an overview of the following services that you can build with OnApp

Pay-as-you-go Public Cloud

You can use OnApp to set up a complete pay-as-you-go public cloud and provide your users with the following: 

  • Enable users to build virtual servers and other cloud resources.
  • Set different prices for RAM, CPU, and storage.
  • Create different compute zones with different pricing.

Virtual Private Cloud

Use OnApp to offer virtual private cloud services or run a private cloud alongside a public cloud. 

  • Group compute, network, and storage resources into a single private cloud resource for users.
  • Provide your users with all the benefits of a private cloud enhanced by the resources of the public cloud.

VPS Cloud

Use OnApp to create a cloud hosting service with resources packaged as a pre-configured VPS:

  • Group cloud resources into packages that you can offer on a monthly/plan billing basis. 
  • Provide your users with packages that are the building blocks for their VSs. 
  • Facilitate the transition of traditional VPS customers to the cloud.

Hybrid Cloud Hosting

This is where dedicated hosting meets the cloud. You can use OnApp to offer hybrid servers to users and compete with every dedicated server provider out there:

  • Allocate compute resources on a one-to-one basis: each user gets a dedicated compute resource for their hosted service.
  • Get a failover that is provided by the rest of the cloud (for example, one compute resource might act as failover for five live compute resources).

Traditional VPS Model

You can use OnApp to provide traditional VPS services based on local storage:

  • OnApp doesn't demand that you have a SAN back-end.
  • If you want to provide users with traditional VPSs using local storage, OnApp can handle this model. 

OnApp Federation

OnApp Federation is a global network of clouds that you can use to add scale and reach to your own cloud service. It gives you instant access to global compute cloud and content delivery infrastructure. OnApp Federation enables you to:  

  • Expand your cloud to 170+ locations.
  • Add global scale for compute and content delivery.
  • Host customers close to their users.
  • Host customers in specific locations (or outside specific locations) for compliance.
  • Offer your cloud infrastructure within OnApp Federation. You can set a price and get paid when other members of Federation use your resources.