24/7 Support 

OnApp provides 24/7 support that includes remote installation, free upgrades, and 24/7 global support by telephone and email. If you need our help, you can reach to us as follows: 

What Does OnApp Support in My Cloud?

We provide support for everything directly related to OnApp products, including our KVM cloud platform, CDN platform, and solutions for VMware, vCenter, and Cloud Director. OnApp is now a division of Virtuozzo—you can learn more about the products we offer at

Although there are some areas not covered under the standard OnApp support, we attempt to offer suggestions or put you in touch with our Professional Services team. Typically the following areas are not covered by the standard OnApp support:

  • Switch, router, and firewall configuration
  • SAN configuration and optimization
  • Attaching, removing, and resizing LUNs
  • The compute resource and Control Panel server hardware support
  • Operating System installation and support
  • Maintenance of your passwords or Whitelists
  • Configuration and troubleshooting inside virtual servers
  • VMware vSphere installation and configuration
  • Known bugs and limitations within virtualization platforms
  • Third-party integrations
  • Alpha and Beta releases
  • Coding for Recipes
  • Coding for custom configs on CloudBoot compute resources

Please be aware that the OnApp support scope includes troubleshooting technical issues occurring within the existing functions/settings and cases where they are working incorrectly. We can still provide you with general advice and instructions regarding the features that are working as expected through the UI/API.

Cloud Troubleshooting

In case of any issues, you may lock down your cloud and allow the OnApp support team to assist you with troubleshooting.

Professional Services

Get in touch with our Professional Services to get expert help from launch to production and beyond.


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Knowledge Base

Visit Knowledge Base to find many how-to articles to resolve questions you may face while working with OnApp. 


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