Software Specifications

OnApp Cloud runs on CentOS. The CentOS versions can vary, depending on virtualization type.

CentOS Versions

The following table lists CentOS versions for compute resource, Control Panel, and backup servers. The version in bold is a recommended version. 

Server Supported Versions
KVM Compute Resource ServerCentOS 7.x x86/64
Control Panel ServerCentOS 7.x x86/64
Backup ServerCentOS 7.x x86/64

Libvirt Versions

The following table provides the libvirt versions compatible with your system, depending on the virtualization type and version.

CentOS 7.xlibvirt 3.9.0


There are the following requirements to Control Panel, compute resource, and backup servers based on CentOS:

  • Install CentOS from the minimal CentOS ISO for Control Panel servers, static backup servers and static compute resources.
  • The minimum running services are listed on the box:

    network 	0:off 	1:off 	2:on 	3:on 	4:on 	5:on 	6:off 
    sshd 		0:off 	1:off 	2:on 	3:on 	4:on 	5:on 	6:off
  • The network should be configured with an ability to access and
  • The open ssh server should be configured with an ability for users to access and log into the box.
  • The root user should be available on the box and configured as root accountroot usersuperuser with an access to all files, commands/tools, and services on the system. Installers should be run under the root.
  • The curlrpmyum, and grub packages must be installed on the system. The grub is a mandatory boot loader only for static compute resources.
  • Avoid using additional (not native) repositories for CentOS, such as Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux (epel) and others.