Get Started Guide

This guide is designed to help you get your OnApp cloud up and running. Here you can find tips and instructions about hardware, software, networking, servers, and storage configuration. To start with, you can explore some popular OnApp use cases and then begin to set up your environment.

Use Cases

OnApp enables you to build an environment that is right for your needs using several cloud models and deployment strategies. Take a look at some of the available use cases.

Hardware Specs

To get your OnApp installation up and running, you set up several server instances. See some hardware suggestions that you can use to set up each server in your environment.

Software Specs

OnApp Control Panel, compute resource, and backup servers run on CentOS. Take a look at supported CentOS versions and some software requirements.


There are four core networks in a standard OnApp installation: storage, management, provisioning, and appliance. Follow instructions from the linked document to configure networks.


You can use OnApp Storage, centralized SAN storage or integrate OnApp with SolidFire. To select a right option, see more details about the available storage solutions.


After you configured networks and storage, you can start setting up the Control Panel, compute, and backup servers. Go to Servers to see details about the essential configurations.


You can enable users to build and boot virtual servers from ISO and OVA images. See ISOs and OVAs for details on how to enable them in your cloud.


When you feel that you need our help to get started with OnApp, please don't hesitate to contact 24/7 OnApp support. See Support to know how to contact OnApp and get help when you need it.