What's New

The information in this guide covers the functionality for the latest OnApp release. If some features described in this guide are missing on your Control Panel, most probably, you are running an earlier version of OnApp.

OnApp 6.0

Implemented the default acceleration for federation virtual servers. 

OnApp 5.9

  • Added possibility for buyers to assign recipes to multiple virtual servers in Federation.  
  • Added possibility to purge content for accelerated virtual servers in Federation. 

OnApp 5.7

Adapted Federation billing plans to the buckets functionality to enable managing resource allocation and prices of a federated VS through the Access Control and Rate Card.

OnApp 5.6

Improved federated template behavior. Now if a seller deletes a template on which at least one VS is running from a group, the template will not be removed from buyer's federated template group.

OnApp 5.5

  • Added ability to add backup server zone and pricing for backups during Adding zone to Federation
  • Added ability to view seller's transaction ID in buyer's logs
  • Added ability to enable acceleration for federated VS
  • Added ability to create vCenter VSs in Federation

OnApp 5.4

  • Added ability to configure recipes and custom recipe variables for VSs created in Federation.
  • Added resources ratios for VSs built on public federated zones.
  • Added ability to install SSH Keys for federated virtual servers.
  • Improved Cloud Motion functionality.
  • Fixed several bugs.

OnApp 5.3

  • Implemented certificates for zones added to Federation. Certificates are selected during the publishing process and are visible to buyers in the Marketplace. If you want to add certificates to a zone published prior to OnApp 5.3, you need to contact our support team.
  • Added notifications on template group changes.
  • Fixed the issue when template pricing was showing incorrectly to end customer in certain situations.
  • Fixed several bugs.

OnApp 5.2

  • Implemented Cloud motion functionality, which allows buyers and users to move virtual servers between locations.
  • Improved Cloud Score design and updated calculation of scores for federated zones.
  • Fixed several bugs.

OnApp 5.1

  • Improved network port speed limiting: during VS creation you can not set bigger network port speed, than indicated by seller during adding zone to federation.
  • Fixed several bugs.

OnApp 5.0

September, 2016

  • Implemented tier pricing for federated zones. Tier pricing applies only to public zones. A Seller selects the required tier when adding a zone to Federation. The Marketplace screen for Buyers has also undergone changes. They can now filter the zone's list according to the pricing tier, the cloud score or additional options available in the zone.
  • Report a Problem button moved to Tools 
  • Fixed several bugs.

OnApp 4.3

May, 2016

  • Fixed several bugs.

OnApp 4.2

February, 2016

OnApp 4.1

August, 2015

  • Added possibility to make federated zone private.
  • Implemented possibility to manage notifications for a zone.
  • Added possibility to edit billing plan for federated zone.
  • Added possibility to measure  performance benchmarks regarding CPU, bandwidth and disk operations for federated zones.
  • Added Manage Trust Tokens section.
  • Changes to terminology and the user interface. The following terminology changes have been made in the 4.1 version of the OnApp Cloud: hypervisors have been renamed as compute resources and hypervisor zones -  as compute zones. Compute resources is a collective name for hypervisors, vCloud hypervisors and other hypervisor types.

OnApp 4.0

9th June, 2015

OnApp 3.5

19th February, 2015

  • Added possibility to edit virtual server disks. You can only resize disks. Add/change/delete options are not available. The resize will fail if your current usage is greater than the new size you request. Note, that any changes on disk size will lead to reboot of your VS.
  • Added Report a Problem with VS chapter. There is a possibility for Sellers and Buyers to report a problem VS directly into OnApp support portal with a click of a button.

OnApp 3.4

December, 2014

  • Added Firewall rules management option.
  • Implemented resource synchronization between Seller and Buyer.
  • Added Display accurate Zone resources option.
  • Added Suspend a Published Zone option.
  • Added Display of Wholesale Pricing for Buyer option.
  • Added Index to show the overall rating of the zones available for subscription.
  • Added a warning message on virtual server creation page, clarifying that the resources available are spread across multiple hypervisors.
  • Once the buyer has unsubscribed, the templates associated with that federated zone are removed from the buyer's template list.
  • Error messages became more informative and indicate the reason of the failure.
  • Fixed the performance of virtual server's console via API.
  • Ensured basic virtual server's operations when Hypervisor Zone is closed on the Seller's side.
  • Fixed the statistics calculation for buyer's virtual servers.

OnApp 3.3.1

October, 2014

  • Added possibility to edit VSs in Federation like normal OnApp VSs: now it is possible to resize VS RAM, CPU, CPU priority.
  • Added the option to filter activity logs. The OnApp Dashboard lists all the transactions/logs related to Federation. Use the Hide Successful Market Notifications button in the Activity Log to remove successful items from the list. Click the button again to show the full list.
  • Seller's  versioning. The buyer has the functionality appropriate for the version of the OnApp cloud which seller is running. When a buyer is running more recent version of the cloud, the functionality will still be pertinent to the seller's CP version.
  • Implemented templates synchronization:
    1. When a seller adds a template to a template group published to Federation, the template appears in buyer’s CP in respective template group.
    2. When a seller removes a template from a template group published to Federation, the template is also removed from the buyer’s CP in respective template group.
    3. The seller cannot delete a template on which VSs are already built.
    4. The buyer cannot make any changes to the templates in the template group provided by seller. To set their own price, the buyer should copy the templates to their own (local) template groups.

  • Fixed the problem with the way the Dashboard licensing fetches the number of HV cores for Federation reseller.

  • Fixed the issue when seller had access to a VS through web console if buyer opened and logged into console.

  • Fixed the problem when IP addresses are duplicated in virtual network after buyer has removed VSs from subscribed Hypervisor zone,

  • Implemented network port speed limitation on the Market.

  • Fixed pagination for the Settings > Federated Resources > Unsubscribed hypervisor zones screen.

  • Market logs are now shown at CP.

  • Fixed the problem when seller could reset password for buyer’s VSs.

  • Blocked the possibility to remove a subscribed template store for buyer.