Supported Functionality

The following table illustrates the functions that are available or unavailable in Federation for sellers and buyers. Generally end-users have the same functionality range as buyers limited by the permissions set. 




Version 5.5 and up
Purge Content for Accelerated VS
.Assign Recipe to Multiple Servers-
Add vCenter Compute Zone to Federation-
Create vCenter VS-
Manage vCenter VSs in Federation-
Version 5.4 and up
Configure Recipes-
Set SSH keys-
Version 5.2 and up
Move VS to Another Location-
Version 4.2 and up
Disable And Remove Zone From Federation-
Reset VS Root Password-
Change owner-
Auto-backups for federated VSs-
View VS Backup schedules / Create VS Backup schedule / Edit VS Backup schedule / Delete VS Backup schedule-

Access CDN Marketplace-
Version 4.1 and up
Add VS  IP addresses -
Edit Federated Zone-
View Notifications
Create Notifications-
Edit Notifications-

Delete Notifications

Notify Users about Notifications from the Sellers-
Edit Trust Token
Delete Trust Token
Switch Federated Zone to Private/Public-
Version 4.0 and up

Create VS disks


Migrate VS disks


Delete VS disks


Migrate VS

Reboot VS in recovery

Rebuild VS manually-

Manage Trust Tokens-
Add IP addresses

Version 3.5 and up
Report a Problem with VS

Edit VS disks-

Version 3.4 and up
Hourly VS Billing statistics / Hourly VS Network interface statistics / Hourly VS Disk IOPS statistics

Set VS firewall rules


VS Integrated console


View VS Backups

Restore VS  Backup / Delete VS  Backup


Edit VS backup note


Edit VS


Delete VS


Reboot VS

Edit VS administrator's note

Display network speed for network interfaces

Rebuild VS network


Shut down VS / Startup VS / Startup VS on recovery

VS Transactions and logs

Subscribe to Federated Zone-
Unavailable Functionality
Segregate VS / Autoscale VS / Suspend VS--

Set VS VIP status


Set SSH keys


Configure VS network interface


Edit VS network speed


Convert VS Backup to template


VS CPU Utilization