Seller Rules

  • As a Seller on the OnApp Federation you have agreed to adhere to the full Seller Rules. This page will provide you with the information on when and how you should notify OnApp.
  • For information on notifications in OnApp, refer to Manage Notifications for a Zone page.

Failure to notify OnApp and your Buyers will impact your Cloud Score and may result in the suspension or termination of your ability to continue as a Seller temporarily or permanently.

As a Seller you must notify OnApp and Buyers in writing whenever the Compute Zone requires maintenance, there is an outage or in the cases described further.

Unacceptable Use

In cases of unacceptable use by a buyer, upon first becoming aware of such use you should shutdown the buyer's virtual server and notify OnApp using the Report Problem button within 1 hour in critical cases (e.g. DDoS attacks) and within 24 hours in non-critical cases.


  • For Outages that are temporary, you must give Buyers 2 weeks notice before the outage starts.
  • For Outages that affect individual virtual servers, you must raise a support ticket for compute resource servers and use the Report Problem button.

Emergency Temporary Outages

For emergency temporary outages, you must give OnApp as much notice as possible if you plan an outage. If an outage occurs without warning, you should notify OnApp immediately.

Removing a Compute Zone 

If you wish to leave the Marketplace as a Seller or to remove a zone, the Buyers will receive notification about it immediately. If a compute zone hosts some virtual servers it will be removed in a month, while a compute zone with no virtual servers will be removed in a day. 

SSL Certificates

If you're using SSL certificates, make sure that they are valid. Otherwise, the Control Panel may be inaccessible. You must ensure that SSL is valid and is renewed when prompted by the SSL provider. 

Invalid SSL certificates mean:

  • New Buyers will not be able to access your resources 
  • Buyers already accessing your resources will be unable to manage their Virtual Servers 
  • OnApp cannot collect usage, meaning you may lose revenue for loss of billing
  • The Cloud Score cannot be measured