VSP Configuration

Please ensure you read this page carefully after being sent your log-in details.

It is recommended to take the following three steps ASAP to configure your VSP Cloud:

On this page:

1. Whitelist your IP

When you log in, you need to Whitelist your IP.  You will see a pop up as you log in. Please ensure you click the Add Current IP button.

2. Update your System Host and Email Alert recipient

Update your System host and from onapp.com to an appropriate one.

Also change the alerts email address from support@onapp.com to another one.

You can do this in Settings > Configuration:

3. Check that there is an OnApp Support user set up

When needed, we can access your OnApp Web UI to troubleshoot, replicate and resolve any issues you may report in a support ticket.

We will set up an OnApp Support user for you. If you don’t mind, please don’t remove this.


For more information about navigation around the VSP UI refer to the Administration Guide.

Entering Federation as VSP

A Virtual Service Provider sells Cloud resources where all of the infrastructure is sourced from the OnApp Federation. For more details refer to the VSP section of this guide.

Federation access

To access the Federation:

  1. Go to your Control Panel's Settings menu.
  2. Click the Federation icon. You will see available Federation Zones.

Next you will see available Federation Zones.

For more detailed information on how to buy Federation resources as a VSP, refer to the  Buying and Buyers chapters of this guide.


If you have any issues when creating resources, please click the VS label > Tools > Report A Problem button:



General Support is available by phone and our helpdesk, with a 15 minute SLA (emergency tickets).

 Helpdesk: help.onapp.com 

 Telephone: +44 (0)20 3318-5364 / +1 (888) 876-8666

 Don't forget your support token, please visit OnApp Support Portal for more information.



To update to the latest version of OnApp please submit an update request via Support.