Move VS to Another Location

This document applies to end users. Otherwise refer to the Sellers or Buyers sections of this guide.

Cloud Motion allows you to move virtual servers between locations. This requires you to be subscribed to two federated zones which have CloudBoot Integrated storage. When you move your virtual server, a target server is built from a similar template as the source VS and with the same configuration, but at the selected location. Then, the disk of the source VS is replicated to the target VS. After the replication process is complete, the source VS is deleted from the source cloud.

Besides the VSs that are created with the Cloud Motion checkbox enabled in the creation wizard, you can also move the VSs built on a Cloud Motion compatible location that do not have this checkbox enabled. For this you need to run the following rake task:

rake federation:sync_motion_possibility_with_market
  • OnApp currently supports moving virtual servers with one IP address and one disk (not including the swap disk).
  • You can migrate a virtual server only if you have access to a template on the target zone with the same distro and version as the template from which the source VS is built on.

Create Virtual Server at Location That Supports Cloud Motion

If you want to be able to move your virtual server to another location you need to build it at a location that supports Cloud Motion. To create a VS on a location compatible with Cloud Motion click the Cloud Motion checkbox at the Cloud Locations step of the VS creation wizard at your Control Panel > Cloud > Virtual Servers > Create Virtual Server. The map will then show only the locations that support Cloud Motion.

For more information on creating virtual servers refer to Create VS in Federated Zone.

Click the Cloud Motion checkbox when selecting a location for the VS to ensure you are creating the VS in a Cloud Motion compatible location, this will give the ability to move it to another location in the future. If you do not click this checkbox during VS creation, you need to run the following rake task to be able to move such a virtual server built in a compatible location:

rake federation:sync_motion_possibility_with_market

Initialize Cloud Motion

If you need to move your virtual server to another location you can do that from the VS overview page. 

  1. Go to your Control Panel > Cloud > Virtual Servers > Label > VS Tools.
  2. Select the Move to another location option.
  3. On the page that loads, from the drop-down list select the location to which you want to move the server.
  4. Click Next to move the VS.
  5. The next page will display the status of the Cloud Motion process. The following statuses will appear:

    • Control panel has scheduled the creation of target virtual server and the motion process - the Cloud Motion process has been initialized
    • Market has accepted request to perform motion - the replication transaction has been scheduled on the seller CP
    • Tunnel keys have been generated on source and inserted into target - tunnel keys have been configured successfully. These keys are used by the source CP to connect to the target VS for the purpose of disk replication.
    • Target is being started - the target VS is being started
    • Target has started - the target VS has stared successfully
    • The replication process from source to target has started - the disk of the source VS is being replicated to the target VS
    • Replication has successfully finished - the disk of the source VS has been replicated successfully
    • Replication process is stopped - the replication process is finished
    • Target is being shutdown - the target VS is being shut down. It is required to shut down the target VS to rebuild its network.
    • Target has been shutdown - the target VS has been shut down successfully
    • Rebuilding network on target - the target VS's network is being rebuilt
    • Target's network has been rebuilt. Target started - the target VS's network has been rebuilt successfully. The target VS has started.
    • Destroying source - the source VS is being deleted
    • Motion finished. Waiting for source to be destroyed - all transactions except the source VS destruction were finished successfully
    • Motion has been complete - the Cloud Motion process is complete

    You can view the status of Cloud Motion transactions at your Control Panel > Cloud > Virtual Servers > status of the required server. The status of a VS that is being moved changes to In motion. If you click this status, you will be forwarded to the Motion Steps activity log.

  6. Click Go to moved VS to see the overview page of the target VS.