Deploying Servers Walk-through

This document applies to end users. Otherwise refer to the Sellers or Buyers sections of this guide.

Users signed up for the corresponding billing plan of the buyer, may create the virtual servers in Federated zones. Users are not aware that remote zones are operated by another OnApp partner. They are not able to select compute resources/data stores/networks during the virtual server creation. Provisioning operations are logged in to the Federation for billing and audit purposes.

Create Server from Wizard

Before you can deploy, you need to add the federated zone to your user’s billing plan. Then you can just create a server from the wizard, as usual. If you want to use Cloud Motion functionality, click the Cloud Motion checkbox at the bottom of the screen. The map will then show only the zones which are configured for Cloud Motion.

Configure Resources

The server is created from the specific template group. Server resources are configured the same way as local servers are configured.

Add Recipes

If required, users configure recipes and custom recipe variables for their virtual servers.


Users complete the wizard and the server is ready to go.