Selling Walk-Through

This document applies to sellers. Otherwise, refer to the Buyers or Users sections of this guide.

This is the quick step-by-step demonstration of the actions required to set up the Federation and start selling zones. Sellers publish un-used or lightly-used compute zones to the Federation in OnApp Control Panel. Each zone has CPU/Memory/Disk/Network/Templates costs and capacities configured.

Step 1. View compute zones

Go to AdminSettings > Compute zones. The page that loads shows the list of all compute zones in your cloud.

Step 2. Select zone

Select the zone you want to add to the Federation. To publish a zone, just click the Actions button and choose Add to Federation.

Step 3. Set compute zone properties

Fill in the zone's properties:

  • provider 
  • data store zone
  • backup server zone
  • network zone
  • template group
  • whether the zone is private or not
  • description

Step 4. Select pricing tier

Currently, you can choose between the Dev, Pro, and Essential pricing tiers. The page also shows the prices for zone's resources depending on the selected tier. If you are adding a private zone, there is no tier selection, but you can still specify the configurations for your zone.

Step 5. Select certificates

Select the certificates you have and their expiration date.

Step 6. Specify limits for compute zone resources

Fill in the compute zone resource Limits. You need to choose the compute resource, data store and network limits.

Step 7. Review prices for compute zone resources

This step appears in the wizard only if you are adding a private zone. Fill in the compute zone Pricing. You need to set the compute resource, data store and network resource pricing.

Step 8. Confirm settings

Review the details of the federated zone. If you are satisfied with your federated zone configuration click Add to Federation.

Step 9. View federated zone details

That’s it: your zone is now available on the Federation and buyers can subscribe to it.