Sellers are OnApp customers who publish compute zones to the OnApp Federation, along with associated storage and network. The Seller selects from pricing tiers for their zone and competes with other Sellers on geography, service level and performance. Sellers can publish public and private zones to Federation:

  • When publishing public zones to Federation, sellers select a pricing tier which determines the prices for the zone's resource. Public zones are visible to all buyers in the Federation. If required public zones can be switched to private.
  • When publishing private zones to Federation, sellers can set their own prices for the zone's resources. These zones are visible only to a limited number of buyers who have received a trust token from the seller. Private zones cannot be switched to public.

Selling through Federation is an easy, out-of-the-box process, fully supported by the OnApp software, with no additional technical integration.

To become a Seller, contact your account manager. Sellers can of course also be Buyers.

Here is the sorted list of the documentation currently available for Sellers.