Marketplace T&C

All users of OnApp Federation accept Marketplace Terms and Conditions (MTCs). MTCs include Buyers' and Sellers' rules that state the desired way of using the service. 

Sellers' Rules

As a Seller on Marketplace, you accept Sellers' Rules. We rate the capacity you provide on Marketplace using the scoring mechanism. Your scoring results are compared with the results of other sellers and then we assign your cloud a rating. The higher your rating, the closer to the top of the providers' list your cloud appears on Marketplace.  

For us to be able to score your capacity, you should run an OnApp version that is under current support. If you want to upgrade your cloud, see Upgrade Guides. If you need our help with the upgrade, get in touch with your Account Manager. 

Buyers' Rules

As a Buyer on Marketplace, you accept Buyers' RulesYou are responsible for maintaining a copy of your and your users' content and accept the OnApp payment rules applicable to the pricing tier you selected.