Market Pricing

Market pricing is available in Tiers. Dev or Pro workload needs can be met across a range of global cloud locations with specific pricing and performance options.

Dev Tier: For Non-critical Workloads

The Dev tier is designed for non critical/development hosting. Virtual Servers can be locally hosted or provided with failover enabled. The zone might have back ups available.

Pro Tier: For Production Environments

This tier is designed for production ready customer applications and data. This tier always offers failover for the Virtual Servers can you buy. Storage performance can range, but we suggest SSD from our providers. You’ll be able to take backups of your Virtual Servers. 

For public zones, the Federation SLA provides a 100% Network & Compute Resource Uptime.

Hourly Pricing

ResourceDev TierPro Tier










IP Address






Pricing Details

Federation price calculator is available at your Control Panel > Compute Federation > Marketplace. You can use it to learn hourly and monthly prices by moving the sliders to set the amount of CPU (cores), RAM (MB), disk size (GB), and number of IP address you require as depicted below.

Find out where you can buy from at OnApp Federation.