The following limitations and prerequisites exist for OnApp Federation:

FunctionalityLimitations and prerequisites
AvailabilityOnApp customers will need to run version 3.5 of the OnApp Control Panel. OnApp v6.0 is recommended. Sellers running on versions prior to OnApp 5.0 can no longer publish new zones to Federation.
BackupsOnApp supports both normal and incremental backups. Incremental backups occupy less disk space. Backup type, available for buyers, depends on settings made by sellers.
CDNAccess CDN Marketplace for consuming bandwidth globally.
Control PanelPlease, be advised, it is required that both buyer and seller have the latest version of OnApp Control Panel for the latest features to be available.
CurrencyUSD is the currency of the Federation. As OnApp Federation is a global market place, this keeps pricing simple across geographies.
Compute resourcesCurrently, Xen, KVM and vCenter compute resources are available.
IP addressesSellers should not use private IP addresses in the networks associated with published Compute Zone.
OvercommitIn the first release, there is no protection against CPU overcommit (running multiple VSs per CPU core).  
Payment method
Buyers must be using Credit Card as their payment method to OnApp to enter the Federation. If you need to place a Credit Card on your account, please contact us.
PricingSellers can set prices according to the selected Tier. See Seller Pricing Tiers for Compute Zones
SSL Certificates

A valid SSL certificate signed by a trusted authority is an absolute requirement for a Seller. Please monitor your SSL certificates expiration. Otherwise, your Control Panel will be inaccessible.

SLAAll Sellers must agree and adhere to the Seller SLA and the Seller Rules, including Seller notification requirements.
TemplatesCurrently, Windows and Linux templates are available. You can add/remove templates to the published Compute Zone by adding or removing templates from the associated template group.
Windows VSsWindows virtual machines are supported with MAK licensing only. A buyer might not have any licenses but seller MUST have at least one free.


Sellers must give a minimum of 28 days notice before removing a zone from the market and terminating end-user workloads. See here for details.
VMwareVMware zones (seller side) are not supported currently.
Virtual servers

See the Supported Functionality section to learn what Virtual Server functionality is available

Cloud MotionOnly zones with CloudBoot Integrated Storage are compatible with Cloud Motion functionality. Additionally, OnApp currently supports moving virtual servers with one IP address and one disk (not including the swap disk).