How Cloud Motion Works

Cloud Motion allows buyers and users to move virtual servers between locations. This requires them to be subscribed to two federated zones which have CloudBoot Integrated storage. When buyers or users move their virtual server, a target server is built from the same template as the source VS and with the same configuration, but at the selected location. Then, the disk of the source VS is replicated to the target VS. After the replication process is complete, the source VS is deleted from the source cloud.

The Cloud Motion functionality relates to all participants of the Federation:

  • Sellers supply zones with CloudBoot Integrated storage to the Federation. When publishing such zones, sellers mark them as supporting Cloud Motion. If a seller has published a zone with CloudBoot Integrated storage prior to OnApp 5.2, it will be automatically marked as suitable for Cloud Motion functionality.

  • Buyers subscribe to at least two federated zones with CloudBoot Integrated storage. Such zones have Cloud Motion listed among their features. Buyers also can move their VSs between Cloud Motion compatible zones to which they have subscribed.

  • Users create virtual servers at Cloud Motion compatible locations by selecting the Cloud Motion option at the first step of the VS creation wizard. Later from the VS Details page, they can move their server to another location. Cloud Motion statuses are displayed in the Control Panel and after the process is complete users can manage their VS on the new location.