How It Works

OnApp Federation is a central trading system that connects sellers, buyers and users to create the largest federated compute cloud in the world and gives each OnApp Hosting Partner a global reach and almost unlimited capacity.  Fully integrated with the OnApp Control Panel, any accredited seller can sell resources through marketplace, and any OnApp hosting partner can access the global market of supply.  

  • OnApp sellers can submit under-utilized compute zones to the marketplace, specifying the 'buy price' they wish to charge.
  • OnApp buyers can subscribe to remote compute zones and publish them through their Control Panel as if they were a local zone.
  • Users (customers of a buyer) can deploy virtual servers in the zones (local and remote) provided by buyers.

The following visuals show the model how Federation works for sellers and buyers.

Proceed to Selling Walk-through/Buying Walk-through/Deploying Servers Walk-through chapters for the step-by-step instructions on how to configure Federation.