Buying Walk-through

This document applies to buyers. Otherwise refer to the Sellers or Users sections of this guide.

This is the quick step-by-step demonstration of the actions required to set up the Federation and start buying zones. Buyers browse the Federation and subscribe to the zones of interest in OnApp Control Panel. Once subscribed, buyers can obtain real-time capacities for each zone and add the subscribed zones to existing billing plans. Buyers are billed for the zone resources their customers have used according to the pricing specified by the seller.

Step 1. View list of zones in Federation

Go into your Control Panel left navigation pane Admin > Compute Federation > Marketplace to search for federated compute zones. The page that loads shows the list of available zones.

Step 2. Filter through list of available zones

Using the sliders and check-boxes on the the left you can filter through the zones available in the Federation to select the ones that comply with your requirements. You can also arrange the list of zones according to the Cloud/CPU/IOPS/Bandwidth score by clicking the Cloud Score column name and selecting a score type. The zones with the highest indicator of the selected score will be shown first.

If you want your users to have access to Cloud Motion functionality, check whether the zone to which you want to subscribe has Cloud Motion listed among its features.

Step 3. View pricing for zone

Using the pricing calculator you can determine the hourly and monthly price for the resources you require.

Step 4. Subscribe to zone

Subscribe to the zone you have selected by clicking the Actions button next to it and selecting Subscribe.

Step 5. Fill in zone's details

OnApp treats the Federation zone in the same way as the local zones. So, now you just have to complete a few fields. 

  • compute zone label 
  • compute resource label
  • data store zone label
  • data store label
  • network zone label
  • network label
  • template group label

You can fill in the compute zone label only, then all other fields will be auto-filled with the same label.

Click Subscribe to finish.

Step 6. Review details 

The page that loads shows the details of the zone you have just subscribed to.

That’s it: the subscribed zone appears as a compute zone on your cloud.

If you need to know seller transaction ID details, go to your Control Panel Logs menu and click the label of specific log item. At the log info part among details you will find Cloned Transaction field, which specifies seller's transaction ID.