General FAQ

  • What Version of OnApp Do I Need to Be Using to Enter the Federation?

    Federation is compatible with OnApp version 3.5 and above. We suggest you upgrading to the latest version of OnApp to experience the most recent features and new UI.

  • How Do I Set Up as a Buyer?

    You need to set up Buyer Balances and review then sign our latest Master License Agreement - contact us to help you to get started.
    Please also ensure you take a look here: What Do I Need to Become a Buyer?

  • Why Should I Use a Federated Market?

    Not only can you supply your customers with new locations to host their applications worldwide but you now can start to attract new customers on a global scale. Our marketplace allows you to compete with industry giants without having to invest $millions into building your own DCs globally. There are no commitments when buying, so you can consume capacity for as long as your customers require it.

  • How Do I Set Up as a Seller?

    Follow our Federation Guide for quick and easy deployment.

  • Can I Set Up a Private Zone for Selected Buyers Only?

    Yes, you can give specific Buyers (inside your organization or externally) exclusive access via Trust Tokens and Private Federated Zone.

  • How Does My Zone Receive a Cloud Score for the Market?

    Every zone published to the market is automatically tested regularly for performance benchmarks regarding CPU, bandwidth and disk operations. The test scores are recalculated into an index by comparing the scores of all other zones on the market. Our service will subscribe as a Buyer to your zone, deploy a special testing virtual server and conduct a test. After the test, the virtual server will be deleted and the service will unsubscribe. 

    How the cloud score is calculatedFormula used
    Cloud score is the average of the sum of resource scores in the score = (CPU score+bandwidth score + disk score)/3

    How the resource score is calculatedFormula used

    1. Counting the resource benchmark 

    The benchmark for each resource is calculated through a number of tests using unixbench, ipeft, and ioping tools for CPU, bandwidth, and disks respectively.

    resource score=(resource benchmark/max resource benchmark)*100

    2. Counting the maximum resource benchmark, which is the maximal value among all the clouds in your tier. 

    3. Getting the resource score

    The resource benchmark is compared to the maximal resource benchmark with the formula: 

  • I am a vCD OnApp Customer, Can I Join the Federation?

    Not yet, but we will let you know when you can.

  • I Need to Buy From a Location That Is Not Available, Can You Provide This?

    We will always do our best to find a Seller in a location our Buyers need it - contact us to request a location and we will get to work.

  • Do I Need to Be Using OnApp Storage to Sell on the Federation?

    No, you can use any storage solution.  

  • Will I Need to Be Using Incremental Backups to Be a Seller in the Federation?

    Yes, we need Incremental backups in place in your Cloud.