Buyer FAQ

  • What Do I Need to Become a Buyer?

    We’ll need to ensure your Payment method for all OnApp services is by Credit Card, that you’re paying in US Dollars, and that you have 0 day payment terms (i.e. the credit card transaction is on the date of invoice).

    Then you’ll need to set up Balances in your account as follows:
    • Buyer Balance
    • Top Up Amount
    • Low Balance
    • Suspend Balance

    You can see our Buyer Rules here:

  • What Is a Buyer's Balance?

    This is the monetary balance to be maintained by you on your account. We suggest a minimum of $100 to get started.

  • What Is the Top Up Amount?

    This is the amount we will debit from your credit card when your account needs a boost.

  • What Happens When I Reach the Low Balance?

    We’ll apply to your credit card for the Top Up Amount and apply it to your OnApp account so you can continue using our services.

  • What Happens When I Reach the Suspend Balance?

    This can happen if your Buyer balance is not maintained, perhaps your payment failed when we tried to take a Top Up Amount. Your Capacity will be shut down until your Buyer’s Balance is back to normal.

  • Do I Need to Have a Credit Card on File With You to Use the Federation as a Buyer?

    Yes, you do. We only accept Credit Cards as a payment method for the Federation. If you need to supply us with a new credit card for payments, please contact us.

  • When Will I Be Charged?

    We will track your balance and apply for the Top Up Amount if you start falling short. When a payment is taken, we’ll send you a notification.

  • When Will I Receive an Invoice?

    At the end of every month we will send you an invoice that details your expenditure in the Federation on the account.

  • How Does the Sales Tax Work?

    OnApp applies VAT only to the consumption of Buyers who themselves are based within the EU. No VAT or Sales Tax is levied on Buyers based in other jurisdictions. In general this means VAT is added to the cost of consumption for Buyers based in the UK, and non VAT-registered Buyers elsewhere in the EU.

  • What If I Want to Change the Top-Up Amounts?

    You can contact your Account Manager and request a change; we will action this for you.  We may also contact you if we feel the frequency of Top-Ups is too great.

  • I'm Paying a Regular Subscription to OnApp for Other Services. Will This be Charged Against the Balance?

    Yes, it will. We will invoice you for your subscription on the relevant date, and when due it will be taken from any Balance on the account.  If the Balance is too small, then a Top-up will be triggered. Think of your OnApp account as a single sum of money to pay for all the services you from OnApp.