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 Diagnostics screen displays the following states that may occur in the Integrated Storage system:

  • Degraded VDisks
  • Lost stripe members
  • Inconsistent VDisk membership and current members
  • Low disk space warning for physical nodes (90% or < 2GB free)
  • Snapshot and VDisk zombies / orphans

 You can perform the following tasks via the Diagnostics screen:

  • Check and clear old transaction files.
  • Repair VDisks.
  • Repair degraded VDisks in a data store zone.
  • Check that all HVs can communicate with each other and the back end nodes.
  • Detect when a disk drive does not respond, but has not been removed from the configuration.
  • Ensure that the HVs are all on the same version of OnApp.
  • Check that failover settings are set to the minimum recommended value of 2mins + if IS and failover is enabled.

You can also view results of a particular diagnostics by clicking the label of the required test under the Diagnostics column. 

 To resolve this issue, use the Delete All link in Action column that will create a background task. This task unmounts, performs unkpartx, makes zombie snapshots offline on each compute resource from the zone, and then removes the snapshot. The task may leave some snapshot vDisks left, so check for unremoved VDisks upon task completion.