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Adding a disk to a smart server will require that server to be rebooted. If a smart server is running when you try to add a new disk to it, you'll be asked to confirm the reboot. To add a disk to a smart server:

  1. Go to your Control Panel's Smart Servers menu.
  2. Click a smart server label to open its details screen.
  3. Click the Storage tab -> Disks.
  4. Click the "+" button  or the Create Disk button.
  5. Fill in the details:

    • Specify disk's label
    • Choose the data store to create a disk on from the drop-down menu.
    • Set the desired disk size.

      The disk size should not exceed 2 TB when a new disk is added. You can later resize the disk if you need it to be larger than 2 TB.

    • Specify if this disk is swap space, and requires formatting.
    • Specify whether the disk should be added to Linux FSTAB, and its mount point. The maximum length of a Mount Point is 256 characters. Spaces are not allowed. No more than one slash is allowed. If the mount point is not specified the default mount point will be used: 


      To be able to take incremental backups for virtual server’s disk, you must mount this disk to FSTAB (either Linux or FreeBSD) and specify the proper mount point manually. 

      Swap disks are not backed up.

  6. Click the Add Disk button to finish.

    When you add a new disk to a smart compute resource it will automatically become available to that compute resource.




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