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The OnApp Cloud 5.3 release contains the following changes and new features:

Zone Types

OnApp 5.3 reinforces the role of the types for compute, data store, network and backup server zones. Now all of the compute, data store, network and backup server zones have one of the following types: Virtual, Baremetal, Smart or VPC. All individual resources (compute resources, data stores, backup servers and networks) inherit the type of the zone with which they are associated. All vCloud Director related resources have the VPC type. To update to OnApp 5.3 all your resources must be assigned to zones and all resources in a zone should be of the same type. Otherwise, the update is not possible.

Service Add-ons

Implemented Service Add-ons functionality, which allows you to offer to your customers additional services on top of your current IaaS Virtual Server offering. Service Add-on functionality provides the ability to add services to a virtual server. 

CDN reporting

CDN reporting functionality allows you to study and review the in-depth analysis on your own CDN resources by viewing different reports. Added CDN Overview Report, Cache Statistics Report , Status Codes Report and Bandwidth Statistics Report.

Virtual Server as a Gateway

Now you can set up your virtual server configuration so that it can function as a gateway for the network interface.

Integrated Storage Auto Healing

OnApp introduces auto healing -  an auto-scheduling option to repair degraded vdisks. This functionality can be used only in case there are no serious issues with Integrated Storage. 

Transaction change tracking

If the size of certain resources is changed, the logs will contain the information about both the current and the previous size of the resource. 

Service Catalog

The service catalog page gives you quick access to the the creation wizard of most common OnApp entities.

rDNS zone and PTR records creation

Now you can create rDNS zone. Reverse DNS resolution (rDNS) is the determination of a domain name associated with an IP address via querying DNS. 

vCloud Director improvements


The following improvements of vCloud Director functionality are implemented:

  • improved vApp recompose process
  • added possibility to upload files to media library

Also improved OnApp and vCenter integration networking functionality; removed Vyatta, customer networks, customer VLANs and IP address pools.

CloudBoot KVM CentOS 7 support

Added CloudBoot KVM CentOS 7 entry for CloudBoot compute resource wizard.

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