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OnApp Cloud runs on CentOS. Please note that the required CentOS versions can vary, depending which virtualization method you choose, Xen or KVM.

  • CloudBoot is not compatible with CentOS 7 Xen compute resources and CentOS 5 KVM compute resources.
  • CentOS 5 is only supported for OnApp versions up to 5.3.

Supported server configuration

  • XEN Compute resources CentOS 5.x x64 or CentOS 6.x x64
  • KVM Compute resources CentOS 5.x x64, CentOS 6.x x64, CentOS 7.x x86/64
  • OnApp Control Panel Server CentOS 5.x x86/X64, CentOS 6.x x86/64, CentOS 7.x x86/64
  • OnApp Backup Server CentOS 5.x x64, CentOS 6.x x64, CentOS 7.x x86/64
  • Integrated Storage CentOS 5.x x64 or CentOS 6.x x64

Recommended server configuration

We highly recommend using the following server configuration:

  • XEN 4.0 Compute resources CentOS 6.x x64,
  • KVM Compute resources CentOS 6.x x64
  • OnApp Control Panel Server CentOS 6.x x86/64
  • OnApp Backup Server CentOS 6.x x64
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