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To create new video on demand resource with advanced settings:

POST /cdn_resources.xml
POST /cdn_resources.json

XML Request example

curl -i -X POST -H 'Accept: application/xml' -H 'Content-type: application/xml' -u user:userpass --url http://onapp.test/cdn_resources.xml -d '<cdn_resource><resource_type>STREAM_VOD_PULL</resource_type><cdn_hostname></cdn_hostname><origin></origin><edge_group_ids type="array"><edge_group_id>1</edge_group_id><edge_group_id>2</edge_group_id></edge_group_ids><hotlink_policy>BLOCK_BY_DEFAULT</hotlink_policy><domains></domains><country_access_policy>ALLOW_BY_DEFAULT</country_access_policy><countries type="array"><country>AL</country><country>GT</country></countries><secure_wowza_on>1</secure_wowza_on><secure_wowza_token>test123456</secure_wowza_token><token_auth_on>1</token_auth_on><token_auth_primary_key>zsfdfasga</token_auth_primary_key><token_auth_secure_paths type="array"><token_auth_secure_path>/Video1</token_auth_secure_path><token_auth_secure_path>/Video2</token_auth_secure_path></token_auth_secure_paths><token_auth_backup_key>fgff45788787878</token_auth_backup_key><token_auth_secure_paths type="array"><token_auth_secure_path>/Video1</token_auth_secure_path><token_auth_secure_path>/Video2</token_auth_secure_path></token_auth_secure_paths></cdn_resource>'

JSON Request example

curl -i -X POST -H 'Accept: application/json' -H 'Content-type: application/json' -u user:userpass --url http://onapp.test/cdn_resources.json -d '{"cdn_resource":{"resource_type":"STREAM_VOD_PULL","origin":"","cdn_hostname":"","edge_group_ids":["1","2"],"hotlink_policy":"BLOCK_BY_DEFAULT","domains":"","country_access_policy":"ALLOW_BY_DEFAULT","countries":["AL","GT"], "secure_wowza_on":"1", "secure_wowza_token":"test123456","token_auth_on":"1","token_auth_primary_key":"zsfdfasga","token_auth_secure_paths": ["/video1", "/video2"],"token_auth_backup_key":"fgff45788787878"}}'


cdn_hostname* - specify the name which will serve as a label only

resource_type* - STREAM_VOD_PULL

origin* - the path from which the CDN requests the content. When using the hostnames according to RFC 1035, the origin may consist of letters [A-Z a-z] (case insensitive manner), digits [0-9], and dash [ - ]. The limit for hostname is 255 chars. The VoD Pull resource can have only one origin.

edge_group_ids* - indicate the ID(s) of required CDN edge groups

advanced_settings* - set 1 to enable advanced settings

hotlink_policy - configure hotlink policy properties to protect your content from unauthorized hotlinking:

  • BLOCK_BY_DEFAULT - block hotlink_policy by default, except for domains specified in the domains parameter
  • NONE - switch off the rule

domains - domains related to hotlink_policy

country_access_policy - configure a rule to control access to the CDN resource's content for specified countries:

  • BLOCK_BY_DEFAULT - block country access policy by default, except for countries specified in the countries parameter
  • NONE - switch off the country access policy

countries - country codes, related to country_access_policy in ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 format.

secure_wowza_on - set 1 to enable secure Wowza streaming encryption, otherwise set 0

secure_wowza_token - specify the Wowza token

token_auth_on - indicate whether Token Authentication is enabled for this resource. It's only supported for VoD PUSH, VoD PULL, and Live Streaming resource.

token_auth_primary_key - set primary key to encrypt Token Authentication security parameters to generate token for streaming playback. This same key is used to decrypt the token at Wowza Server. The key must be alphanumeric with length 6 to 32 characters. This must not be blank if token_auth_on is enabled.

token_auth_backup_key -  set backup key (optional) to encrypt Token Authentication security parameters to generate token for streaming playback. This same key is used to decrypt (if primary key failed) the token at Wowza Server. The key must be alphanumeric with length 6 to 32 characters.

token_auth_secure_paths - set secure paths that marks streaming to these paths requires a valid token to play a stream. Include only the relative path that appears after the content access point. If undefined, forward slash (/) will be set, means the resource is secured at root level and all streaming request to the resource will be granted only if the provided token is valid.  Example - ["/video1", "/video2"]



You will get a response consisting of two parts - the header with HTTP status code (see Introduction for details) and the response body including the parameters. At this stage some of the parameters can be empty. This is expected behavior, because the full process of creation takes some time, and remote service cannot fill in the parameters at this time. For the complete list of parameters use GET request.


Page History

v.3.3.1 adds the following parameters:

  • token_auth_on
  • token_auth_primary_key
  • token_auth_backup_key
  • token_auth_secure_paths
  • storage_server_location
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