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To reboot a VS in recovery mode with a temporary login ("root") and password ("recovery"), use the following API calls:

POST /virtual_machines/:virtual_machine_id/reboot.xml
POST /virtual_machines/:virtual_machine_id/reboot.json

XML Request example

curl -i -X POST -H 'Accept: application/xml' -H 'Content-type: application/xml' -u user:userpass -d '<mode>recovery</mode>' --url http://onapp.test/virtual_machines/:virtual_machine_id/reboot.xml

JSON Request example

curl -i -X POST -H 'Accept: application/json' -H 'Content-type: application/json' -u user:userpass -d '{"mode":"recovery"}' --url http://onapp.test/virtual_machines/:virtual_machine_id/reboot.json
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