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The OnApp Cloud 5.2 release contains the following changes and new features:

OVA import and VSs built from OVA template

The OVA import functionality allows you to deploy VSs created at other virtualization platforms in OnApp. OVA virtual servers are based on specific OVA templates which are created after you upload OVA file to the cloud.


The Control Panel's Notification menu lets you configure the notifications for your Control Panel. You can select the events about which to notify your users. 

CDN reporting

CDN reporting functionality allows you to study and review the in-depth analysis on your own CDN resources by viewing different reports.

Dashboard redesign and vCloud Director statistics

Improved OnApp dashboard design: Statistics and Account icons are removed from the silver dial and vCloud icon is added. Two new graphs with vCloud Director statistics are added. Additional vCloud Director cloud statistics can be viewed by clicking the vCloud icon at the silver dial.

CentOS 7 support

Added support for CentOS 7.x x86_64 as a Control Panel server and KVM compute resource.

Windows 10 support

Added an ability to choose the license for Windows 10 for the Control Panel server.

vCloud Director improvements

The following improvements of vCloud Director functionality are implemented:

  • new vApp deployment and vApp recompose process
  • ability to edit NAT rules
  • running recipes on vCloud virtual servers using VMware tools and guest customization

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