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You should use the standard upgrade procedure whenever possible to ensure you have the latest features and fixes. Only use the custom upgrade when you have a specific reason for installing an older version.

With OnApp you can upgrade to a custom CP version, i.e. not the latest one available in production. Make sure to update within the same major version. For example, you can upgrade from 3.2.2-9 to 3.2.2-x, but not from 3.0.x-x to 3.2.x-x.

To upgrade to the specific OnApp Control Panel version, perform the following steps:

  1.  Run the following command to eliminate all of the files which yum uses to determine the remote availability of packages:

    bash# yum clean metadata
  2. Remove OnApp:

    bash# yum remove onapp-cp
  3. Install OnApp Control Panel installer package for the required Control Panel version:

    bash# yum install onapp-cp-<ONAPP_VERSION>

    ONAPP_VERSION - the required OnApp version with its build, e.g. 3.2.2-15

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