24x7 support 
OnApp customers with a full (paid) license can contact OnApp Support at any time:

Visit http://forum.onapp.com to get support from the OnApp community. Members of OnApp's support and engineering teams also monitor the forums and contribute to discussions. To access the forums, log in with your OnApp Dashboard account details.

For the latest OnApp documentation, see https://docs.onapp.com.

What does OnApp Support in my Cloud?

OnApp provides support for anything directly related to our core products - OnApp Cloud, OnApp CDN and OnApp Storage - as well as the add-ons for these. As such, we maintain responsibility for the software, bug fixes, patches and general maintenance of our products.

 Unfortunately, we do not offer support for the following:

  • Switch, router and firewall configuration
  • SAN configuration/optimization
  • Attaching/removing/resizing LUNs
  • Compute resource and Control Panel server hardware support
  • Operating System installation/support
  • Maintenance of your passwords or whitelists
  • Configuration/troubleshooting inside virtual machines
  • VMware vSphere installation/configuration
  • Known bugs/limitations within virtualization platforms
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Alpha/Beta releases
  • Coding for recipes


Some of these areas can be touched during investigation and resolution of support tickets. We will attempt to offer possible suggestions, or put you in touch with our professional services team to quote the work. However, they are not covered under standard OnApp support.






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