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EC2 Instances menu lists your machines per selected region and lets you Launch New EC2.

OnApp does not cash, store, or change any information regarding the instances and takes it via API from AWS.

To view the details of your EC2 Instances: 

  1. Go to your Control Panel EC2 Instances menu.
  2. The page that loads will list your EC2 instances and the following details:
    • ID
    • Name
    • Instance type
    • Availability zone
    • Status
    • Public DNS name
    • Public IP address
  3. You can perform the following actions to your instances:
    • Start/ Stop
    • Terminate (only if stopped)
    • Reboot
    • Connect - instruction how to connect to a console of the instance.

The instances are listed per region, so if you do not have instances in the selected region the list will be empty.

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