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This document describes how to prepare the OnApp Cloud 4.3 version for the deployment. Please review the configuration details in each chapter carefully, as they are vital to the smooth operation of OnApp Cloud.

To prepare OnApp Cloud, you need to:

  1. Configure networks. You need to set up the following networks for your cloud:
    • appliance network - this network provides connectivity for virtual servers
    • management network - this network provides incoming and outgoing connectivity to the servers. The management network also serves as a route for communication between the Control Panel server and the compute resources for critical OnApp internal traffic.
    • provisioning network - this network is used to transfer backup and template data between the provisioning server and the primary storage volumes
    • storage network - this network provides the connection between storage devices (e.g. SANs) and the compute resources
  2. Configure storage. Next, you need to provide your cloud with storage space. There are two storage setup types:
    • Centralized Storage (SAN) - the primary storage for the cloud
    • Integrated Storage (OnApp Storage) - a distributed block storage system that allows you to build a highly scalable and resilient SAN using local disks in compute resources
  3. Configure servers. Finally, you need to prepare servers. This section lists the requirements for setting up the Control Panel server, backup server and static and CloudBoot compute resource servers

Each step is explained in the following sections. If you have questions after reading this guide, see Getting Support section.

  • Make sure you meet the Technical Details before preparing OnApp Cloud.
  • Please do not change the default language settings during the installation process (en_US.UTF-8)!
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