The OnApp Cloud 4.2 release contains the following changes and new features:

Two-factor Authentication based on Yubikey

Now cloud administrators can implement two-factor authentication using a Yubikey. To configure this feature the cloud admin has to enable it for their cloud and then individual users can set the Yubikey for their accounts.

Virtual Servers Built from ISO(s)

Added ability to build a virtual server from ISO. Such virtual servers are based on specific ISO templates which you upload to the cloud. Creating a server from ISO is applicable for virtual and smart servers only.

CPU Flags for Compute Zones

OnApp now provides the list of extended CPU flags for each KVM compute resource. The extended CPU flag’s feature provides the possibility to get the maximum functionality and performance of the new CPUs with latest processor types. The CPU flags are managed per compute zone.

Maintenance mode for Xen/KVM Static Compute Resources

Implemented the maintenance mode feature for compute resources. The maintenance  mode is used to temporarily take the compute resource out of service, fix or upgrade it. When the maintenance mode is enabled, the VSs are migrated to another compute resource and you can easily maintain your hardware.

Zabbix for Autoscaling

Now OnApp allows using Zabbix for autoscaling. OnApp will automatically install and configure Zabbix on a server you indicate in OnApp Control Panel. It can be either a physical server or a virtual one. If you already have a Zabbix server, you can connect it to your cloud.

Centralized Error Collector

The OnApp error collector records the errors within a CP and aggregates an error list. After that, your Control Panel can send crash reports to OnApp in a form of an encrypted API call.

OnApp Accelerator

OnApp introduces a new type of virtual server -  Accelerator. It is built from specific template and is aimed to serve as a router for traffic between CDN core and CDN-enabled Virtual Servers. Accelerator gives your customers all the benefits of a global CDN without any of the hassle of configuring and maintaining a CDN platform.


Added possibility to enable Disaster recovery as a service for virtual servers. OnApp DRaaS (Disaster recovery as a service) is a tool which replicates all of a Virtual Server’s data to a remote cloud in real-time. If anything happens to your replicated VS, then you can quickly boot a functionally identical VS on the DRaaS provider cloud.

Failover Configuration

Now OnApp allows configuring the compute resource failove behaviour. The failover settings are specified per compute zone.

SSL Certificates

OnApp implements SSL certificates management, so that customers can import their SSL certificates to the cloud via OnApp Control Panel.

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