From now on, there is a possibility to update the OS components for static Compute resource, Control Panel Server, and static Backup Server outside of the distributive packages provided by OnApp.

To do so:

  1. Upgrade the installer:
    • For Control Panel

      bash#> yum update onapp-cp-install
    • For Compute resource 

      bash#> yum update onapp-hv-install
    • For Backup Server

      bash#> yum update onapp-bk-install
  2. Run the following script to update the OS components
    • For Control Panel

      bash# /onapp/onapp-cp-install/ -y
    • For XEN Compute resource

      bash# /onapp/onapp-hv-install/ -y
    • For KVM Compute resource 

      bash# /onapp/onapp-hv-install/ -y


    • For Backup Server

      /onapp/onapp-bk-install/ -y
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