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OnApp allows uploading your custom bootable ISOs for recovery purposes. These could be different images for Windows/Linux/FreeBSD or any additional software. As a cloud administrator you can limit user's ability to upload and manage ISOs by permissions and in billing plans. You can boot virtual servers from your own ISOs or the ISOs that are uploaded and made publicly available by other users. Currently, there is a limitation of 1 GB for the ISOs uploaded from the file system. There are no space limitations for the ISOs uploaded form the URL (except for your disk space limitations).


  • OnApp supports rebooting existing virtual and smart servers from ISO. 
  • As soon as you boot a VS from the installation ISO, OnApp cannot control any VS components (backups, networks, disks).
  • Be aware, that all the contents of the disk might be deleted if a VS is booted from the ISO that installs a new distributive.
  • If you boot a VS from an ISO with the RAM requirement larger than the VS's RAM, the transaction will fail.
  • If your cloud deployment is not a fresh installation, make sure that permissions on ISOs are enabled. For more info refer to List of all OnApp Permissions.


You can upload your own ISOs and make them available to all users of the cloud (the way the templates work in OnApp). After the ISO is uploaded, it is possible to select the Boot from ISO option on VS management screen.

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