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Application is a piece of software that brings additional features into the basic functionality. OnApp allows you to deploy a wide range of applications by means of additional software. To install different applications on your Cloud you should create an Application Server first.  Application Server is a regular VS based on CentOS Application Server template but with pre-installed software. Then you can install the applications on that server (like Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress etc.) using web interface. As an administrator you can charge for the template (by means of Template store) on which the application server has been built.

You can perform the following actions with the applications:

For more details, refer to the appropriate sections.

See also:

Application Servers - the information on managing application servers

Create Application Server - the instructions on creating an application server

Application Server Billing - the info on how you can charge your customers for applications

Applications (API) - the list of available API requests



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