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The OnApp Cloud 4.1 release contains the following changes and new features:

Changes to terminology and the user interface

The following terminology changes have been made in the 4.1 version of the OnApp Cloud: hypervisors have been renamed as compute resources and hypervisor zones -  as compute zones. Compute resources is a collective name for hypervisors, vCloud hypervisors and other hypervisor types.

New Cloud Components

Raw logs

The raw logs functionality allows you to send logs associated with your CDN resources to your distant server in real time. The raw log allows customers to understand, analyze, and debug files delivered via OnApp CDN, or can be served as audit trailed. 

User Profile

User profile UI was updated. Now at the Overview tab you can see user's details at the left side of the page and billing details, prices and backups at the right side of the page.

Java 8 Console Support

Added support for Java 8 integrated console for appliances.

Federation and vCloud Integration Improvements

For the list of improvements, refer to Federation and OnApp and vCloud Director Configuration guides.

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