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To view account details of a particular user:

  1. Go to your Control Panel Users menu.
  2. On the screen that appears, click the full name of the user to view their account details.
  3. The screen that appears will display the following user details:

    The user details screen that appears shows the following information:

    User details

    • Avatar  user's avatar (This feature is available if the Use gravatar option is enabled).
    • Full name - user's name and surname.
    • Email - user's email.
    • Login - user's screen name.
    • User role – the role set for the user.
    • User group – the group to which the user is assigned.
    • Timezone - time zone set for this user.
    • Locale - locales set for this user.
    • System theme - system theme set for this user.
    • Display infoboxes  whether info boxes are displayed or not for this user.
    • Restore infoboxes - click this button to display info boxes for the user.

    Amazon Web Services

    • Status - the status of the Amazon Web Services: disconnected or connected. 

    API info

    • API key - click the Generate key button to generate a new API key.

    Billing details

    • Price per hour - shows the price for VSs, Load Balancers, and other resources per hour.
    • Billing plan - click the plan label to see its details.
    • Outstanding amount- the total amount of money owned by this user since it has been created, for all resources, minus the amount of Payments. The sum is displayed for the period since a user has been created until the last 24hrs.
    • Monthly fee - a set monthly price for a billing plan.
    • Total cost - the sum of used resources cost and virtual servers cost.
    • Payments - the total amount of payments made.
    • Virtual Server Hourly Statistic - clicking this link will generate billing statistics for all virtual servers owned by this user. For more information, see Virtual Server Billing Statistics.
    • User Statistic - clicking this link will generate user's resource usage statistics. For more information, see User Billing Statistics.
    • Monthly Bills - clicking this link will generate the bills list that shows the total due per each month of the year. To view billing statistics, select a year from the drop-down list and click Apply. The list that appears displays a particular month of the selected year and the cost of used resources for that month. At the bottom of the list there is the total amount of money which was to be paid for the selected period.

    - the list of payments with their details.
    - the list of user backups with their details.

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