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Statistics show detailed information on the resources used by virtual servers.
Get daily stats (information on the resources used by virtual servers):

GET /usage_statistics.xml
GET /usage_statistics.json

Only the GET method is available for statistics. This method sends back usage statistics for all virtual servers in the cloud (per VS for the last 48 hours).

XML Output example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Explanation of the data returned

data_sent - the amount of Kilobytes sent by this VS

reads_completed - the number of read operations performed by the disk

data_received - the amount of Kilobytes received by this VS

cpu_usage - the average CPU percentage that the VS has been using during the last 72 hours or during the specified period.

virtul_machine_id - the ID of the VS for which these statistics are generated

writes_completed - the number of write operations performed by the disk

data_read - the amount of data read from a disk in Kilobytes

data_written - the amount of data written to a disk in Kilobytes

Other statistics generated in the system:



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