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Load Balancers, both autoscaling clusters and load balancer clusters, can only be created on the basis of Virtual Servers, and are not available for Smart Servers, Baremetal Servers, or VMware Virtual Servers.

Load balancers distribute requests evenly between clustered virtual servers (nodes), so that no virtual server is overloaded. Together with nodes, load balancers form Load Balancing Clusters. There are two options of load balancing clusters:

Cluster type
In this case you specify which VSs (nodes) will participate in a load balancing cluster. You can add and remove clustered VSs as required.

Autoscaling type
In this case you indicate minimum and maximum number of nodes for a cluster, as well as autoscaling parameters for automatic adding or removing nodes from the cluster. The system creates required number of identical nodes, with the same resource allocation and the same template for each node.

Load balancing clusters of both types use the same requests. Only some parameters differ.

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