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To get the list of network interfaces allocated to this particular VS:

GET /virtual_machines/:virtual_machine_id/network_interfaces.xml
GET /virtual_machines/:virtual_machine_id/network_interfaces.json

XML Output example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<network_interfaces type="array">
<usage nil="true"></usage>
<created_at type="datetime">2011-03-18T17:45:07+07:00</created_at>
<updated_at type="datetime">2011-04-08T18:57:20+07:00</updated_at>
<primary type="boolean">true</primary>
<usage_month_rolled_at nil="true"></usage_month_rolled_at>
<id type="integer">502</id>
<usage_last_reset_at nil="true"></usage_last_reset_at>
<rate_limit type="integer">0</rate_limit>
<virtual_machine_id type="integer">518</virtual_machine_id>
<network_join_id type="integer">4</network_join_id>

Explanation of the data returned:

label - network interface name

created_at - the timestamp in the database when this network interface was created

updated_at - the timestamp in the database when this network interface was updated

primary - true if this network interface is primary, otherwise false

id - the ID of this network interface

mac_address – network interface MAC address

rate_limit - port speed in Mbps

identifier - the identifier in the database of this network interface

network_join_id - the ID of the network join to which this network interface belongs

virtual_machine_id - the ID of a virtual server to which this network interface is attached

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