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  • Get Instruction for Live Streaming CDN Internal Resource
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GET /cdn_resources/:cdn_resource_id/instructions.xml
GET /cdn_resources/:cdn_resource_id/instructions.json

XML Request example:

curl -i -X GET -u user:userpass http://onapp.test/cdn_resources/:id/instructions.xml

Json Request example:


curl -i -X GET -u user:userpass http://onapp.test/cdn_resources/:id/instructions.json



XML Response example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <id type="integer">11639</id>
  <user_id type="integer">20</user_id>
  <last_24h_cost type="float">0.0</last_24h_cost>
  <cdn_reference type="integer">881661104</cdn_reference>



cdn_hostname* - indicate the hostname which will serve the content

cname - a CNAME for the CDN Hostname which can then be used to view the contents.

resource_type - the Stream Live resource

id - the ID of the resource

user_id - the user ID

last_24h_cost - cost of the resource for the last 24 hours.

cdn_reference - the ID in OnApp Dashboard

publishing_point - - the publishing point type: internal

instructions - the array of parameters for embedding video and enabling live streaming for Live Streaming CDN resources.

credentials - the array with user credentials:

username - the user log in

password - the user password

stream - the stream name

urls - the array with URLs

fms - the FMS URL

backup - the Backup URL

smil - The SMIL playlist provides an RTMP URL and should be used with Flash-based players only.

apple_http_live_streaming - This returns a 302 redirect to a Apple HLS manifest and should be used with Apple HLS-compatible players only.

adobe_http_dynamic_streaming - This returns an Adobe HDS manifest and should be used with Adobe HDS-compatible players only.

microsoft_smooth_streaming - This returns a 302 redirect to Smooth Streaming manifest and should be used with Smooth Streaming-compatible players only.

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