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The management network should be disconnected during the bare metal server deployment.

POST /baremetal_servers.xml
POST /baremetal_servers.json

XML Request example

curl -i -X POST http://onapp.test/baremetal_servers.xml -d '<baremetal_server><template_id>2</template_id><label>test_baremetal</label><hostname>test</hostname><hypervisor_group_id>121</hypervisor_group_id><hypervisor_id>38</hypervisor_id><initial_root_password>qwaszx</initial_root_password><primary_network_group_id>120</primary_network_group_id><selected_ip_address_id>63</selected_ip_address_id><required_ip_address_assignment>1</required_ip_address_assignment><recipe_ids
type='array'><recipe_id>11</recipe_id></recipe_ids></baremetal_server>' -u user:password -H 'Accept: application/xml' -H 'Content-type: application/xml'

JSON Request example

curl -i -X POST http://onapp.test/baremetal_servers.json -d '{"baremetal_server":{"template_id":"2","label":"test_baremetal","hostname":"test","hypervisor_group_id":"121","hypervisor_id":"38",
"recipe_ids":["11"]}}' -u user:password -H 'Accept:application/json' -H 'Content-type: application/json'

The following parameters should be sent:

template_id* - the ID of a template from which a baremetal server should be built

label* - user-friendly baremetal server description

hostname* - specify the baremetal server hostname

hypervisor_group_id - the ID of the baremetal zone in which the server will be created. Optional: if no compute zone is set, the baremetal server will be built in any available baremetal compute zone.

hypervisor_id - the ID of a baremetal compute resource where the baremetal server will be built. If no baremetal compute resource ID is specified, the server will be built on the compute resource with the least available RAM (but sufficient RAM for the server)

initial_root_password - the root password for a baremetal server. If none specified, the system will provide a random password. It can consist of 6-32 characters, letters [A-Za-z], digits [0-9], dash [ - ] and lower dash [ _ ], and the following special characters: ~ ! @ # $ * _ - + = ` \\ { } [ ] : ; ' , . ? /. You can use both lower- and uppercase letters.

primary_network_group_id - the ID of the primary network group. Optional parameter.

required_ip_address_assignment - set "1" if you want IP address to be assigned automatically after creation. Otherwise set "0"

recipe_ids - an array of recipe IDs that can be used during the recipe server creation. You can only run recipes on baremetal server provisioning.


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