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Here is the list of API calls for managing CDN edge servers' network interfaces. Edge servers' network interfaces have the same attributes as network interfaces of virtual servers.

To get the list of network interfaces allocated to this particular edge server:

GET /edge_servers/:edge_server_id/network_interfaces.xml
GET /edge_servers/:edge_server_id/network_interfaces.json

To get a particular network interface details:

GET /edge_servers/:edge_server_id/network_interfaces/:id.xml
GET /edge_servers/:edge_server_id/network_interfaces/:id.json

To edit network interface details:

PUT /edge_servers/:edge_server_id/network_interfaces/:id.xml
PUT /edge_servers/:edge_server_id/network_interfaces/:id.json

To add a new network interface:

POST /edge_servers/:edge_server_id/network_interfaces.xml
POST /edge_servers/:edge_server_id/network_interfaces.json

To delete a network interface from the edge server:

DELETE /edge_servers/:edge_server_id/network_interfaces/:id.xml
DELETE /edge_servers/:edge_server_id/network_interfaces/:id.json


XML Output example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<usage nil="true"></usage>
<created_at type="datetime">2011-03-18T17:45:07+07:00</created_at>
<updated_at type="datetime">2011-04-08T18:57:20+07:00</updated_at>
<primary type="boolean">true</primary>
<usage_month_rolled_at nil="true"></usage_month_rolled_at>
<id type="integer">502</id>
<usage_last_reset_at nil="true"></usage_last_reset_at>
<rate_limit type="integer">0</rate_limit>
<virtual_machine_id type="integer">518</virtual_machine_id>
<network_join_id type="integer">4</network_join_id>


label - network interface name

created_at - the timestamp in the database when this network interface was created

updated_at - the timestamp in the database when this network interface was updated

primary - True if this network interface is primary, otherwise false

id - the ID of this network interface

mac_address – network interface mac address

rate_limit - port speed in Mbps

identifier - the identifier in the database of this network interface

network_join_id - the ID of the network join to which this network interface belongs

virtual_machine_id - the ID of a virtual server to which this network interface is attached

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