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This class manages billing plans, which incorporate prices and resource limits for users. Billing plans can be associated with compute resource, network, data store and backup server zones, as well as template and edge groups. Consequently, these plans enable you to control overall user resource limits, and limits for resources in different zones of the cloud.

To manage billing plans and their resources for a particular user, specify the request by a user_id parameter, e.g: GET /users/:user_id/billing_plans/:billing_plan_id/base_resources.xml

These are the resources you can limit and set prices for, along with the units in which they are measured:

User VS limitsPricing
Virtual servers (Max)VS/hour
Customer networks (Free, Max)customer network/hour
Backup (Free, Max)backup/hour
Template (Free, Max)template/hour
Templates, ISOs & backup storage (Free, Max)GB/hour
Autoscaling (Free, Max)VS/hour
ISO (Free, Max)ISO/hour
Limits for Template Store 
Template Store(s)
Limits for Recipe Groups 
Recipe Group(s)
Limits for Compute ZonesPricing
CPU cores (Free, Max, On, Off)CPU core/hour (for VSs on and off)
CPU share (Free, Max, On, Off)CPU share %/hour (for VSs on and off)
CPU units (Free, Max, On, Off)CPU unit/hour (for VSs on and off)
Memory (Free, Max, On, Off)Mb/hour
CPU Priority (Min, Default)
Data store zone limitsPricing
Disk size (Free, Max, On, Off)GB/hour
Data read (Free per hour, Price over free units)GB/hour
Data written (Free per hour, Price over free units)GB/hour
Input requests (Free per hour, Price over free units)1M requests/hour
Output requests (Free per hour, Price over free units)1M requests/hour
Network zone limitsPricing
IP address (Free, Max, On, Off)IP/hour
Port speed (Free, Max, On, Off)Mbps/hour
Data reсeived (free per hour/month, price over free units)GB/hour
Data sent (free per hour/month, price over free units)GB/hour
Backup server zone limitsPricing
Backups (Free, Max)backup/hour
Backups disk size (Free, Max)GB/hour
Templates (Free, Max)template/hour
Templates disk size (Free, Max)GB/hour
Limits for Edge GroupsPricing
Edge groupGB/hour
Limits for Guaranteed min IOPS 
Solidfire data store zones (Free, Max, On, Off)1M requests/hour
Limits for Instance Types 
Instance Types ( On, Off)VS/hour

For the complete list of billing plan limits along with their details, refer to the Set Billing Plan Prices And Resource Limits section of the Admin guide.

Starting from the 3.1 release, the master bucket and master template zones are introduced:

  • Master bucket zones are set for compute zone limits.
  • Master template zones set for data store zone and network zone limits, respectively.

The master zones are added to each billing plan automatically. When the master bucket or master template zone limits are applied to a base resource, each virtual server within that base resource (compute resource, data store or network zone) will come under these values.

NOTE: You can not edit a base resource which is a part of a master bucket or a master template zone. The HTTP status 422 will be returned.

The relevant API calls have been added for the master zones management are added to the Billing Plans section of this guide:


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