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To create a user additional field – use this request:

POST /user_additional_fields.xml
POST /user_additional_fields.json

XML Request example

curl -i -X POST -d '<user_additional_field><name>TestField</name><data_type>string</data_type><default_value>testvalue</default_value></user_additional_field>' -u user:userpass http://onapp_test/user_additional_fields.xml -H 'Accept: application/xml' -H 'Content-type: application/xml' 

JSON Request example

curl -i -X POST -d '{"user_additional_field":{"name":"TestField","data_type":"string","default_value":"TestName"}}' -u user:userpass http://onapp_test/user_additional_fields.json -H 'Accept: application/json' -H 'Content-type: application/json'


name* - the unique Additional Field name. (maximum length 256 characters)

data_type* - integer/string additional field data type

default_value* - information which will be displayed if the user hasn't specified information for this field, or if they enter information that doesn't match the preset data type.(maximum length 256 symbols.)

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