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  • What's New in OnApp Cloud 3.5
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Basic Integration of Amazon Web Services

Now users can manage Amazon EC2 instances from OnApp Control Panel using AWS API. EC2 management is represented with as much similarity to AWS as possible. Users can view the details of their EC2 instances and launch new instances.

Clone a Role

Added possibility to Clone Role with all its permissions in OnApp.

High Availability Control Panel (beta)

Added opportunity to deploy more than one Control Panel server within one cloud. This allows users to improve cloud load balancing, minimize server downtime in case of CP issues and enhance scalability of the whole infrastructure. For more info, refer to High Availability Control Panel section of Administrator's guide.

Restriction Sets

Introduced possibility to create a sub-admin role with a restricted set of allowed actions and resources. The role acts on the same license as the admin using admin's resources. For more info on restriction sets, refer to the following section Restrictions Sets.

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