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This document describes how to install the 3.5 version of the OnApp Cloud. Please read each section carefully, as it is vital to the smooth operation of OnApp Cloud.


  1. Read the Preparation Guide
  2. Check the server configuration reminder


  1. Install control panel server
  2. Install VMware
  3. Install hypervisors
  4. Install data stores
  5. Install backup server
  6. Download and configure templates on template server.
  1. Configure Control Panel settings
  2. Create data stores & data store zones (OnApp Storage/Integrated SAN).
  3. Create data stores & data store zones (traditional/centralized SAN).
  4. Create hypervisors and hypervisor zones.
  5. Create networks and network zones.
  6. Join networks and data stores to hypervisors.


Please do not change the default language settings during the installation process (en_US.UTF-8)!



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