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This section lists the server installation requirements needed for an OnApp Cloud installation. For minimum hardware specs, see OnApp primarily runs on CentOS but the version depends on what virtualization method you are running.

Supported server configuration

  • XEN Hypervisors CentOS 5.x x64 or CentOS 6.x x64 
  • KVM Hypervisors CentOS 5.x x64 or CentOS 6.x x64
  • OnApp Control Panel Server CentOS 5.x x86/X64 or CentOS 6.x x86/64
  • OnApp Backup Server CentOS 5.x x64 or CentOS 6.x x64
  • Integrated Storage CentOS 5.x x64 or CentOS 6.x x64

Recommended server configuration

We highly recommend using the following server configuration:

  • XEN 4.0 Hypervisors CentOS 6.x x64,
  • KVM Hypervisors CentOS 6.x x64
  • OnApp Control Panel Server CentOS 6.x x86/64
  • OnApp Backup Server CentOS 6.x x64

  • We recommend installing CentOS from the minimal CentOS ISO for Control Panel servers, static backup servers and static hypervisors.
  • CloudBoot is not compatible with CentOS 6 Xen hypervisors and CentOS 5 KVM hypervisors.

We strongly recommend that you avoid creating mixed hypervisor zones:

  • do not add CloudBoot and static boot hypervisors to one hypervisor zone
  • do not add both XEN and KVM hypervisors to one zone

The reason is that XEN VSs cannot migrate/failover to a KVM hypervisor and KVM VSs cannot migrate/failover to a XEN hypervisor.

  • Full root access: please do not create the user 'onapp' since this is created as part of the RPM installation.
  • Currently Emulex hardware does not support 3.x Linux kernels, so it is only compatible with CentOS 5.x.

VMware configuration requirements

To be able to run VMware ESXi servers through OnApp, you need to install vCenter and Vyatta externally. These can be installed on virtual servers, if necessary, but should not be hosted inside OnApp. See Additional Hardware Considerations for VMware section for details.

OnApp Cloud supports VMware vSphere 5, with all standard OnApp functionality available in line with the VMware VSPP 'Standard' licensing model. For use with OnApp, vCenter 5.x must be installed on Microsoft Windows.


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