CPaaS Light

CPaaS Light is the most cost-effective way to get your own cloud platform: choose any mix of compute locations from the cloud marketplace built into your OnApp control panel.

  • Shared compute infrastructure (OnApp)
  • Choose from 40 locations worldwide
  • Self-service or managed deployment
  • 24×7 monitoring & support
  • 5×9 SLAs

On how to manage your OnApp Control Panel provided with CPaaS Light, refer to the Control Panel and Marketplace chapters of this guide. 

What does CPaaS Light include?

OnApp Cloud Control Panel

The Control Panel handles all cloud management functions: this is what you use to create cloud packages, set up users, manage access control, provision resources, manage VMs and more.

Compute Marketplace

With CPaaS Light, the CPU, disk, RAM and network resources for your cloud are sourced from the marketplace built into your OnApp control panel. You can deploy VMs at any mix of locations, and easily migrate between locations – all through your control panel.

Monthly Credit 

Your CPaaS Light package includes a monthly credit for those marketplace compute resources. This is used when you consume compute resources from the marketplace, for example by deploying a VM for a customer. You can purchase additional credit beyond the included monthly amount. Unused credit does not roll over to the following month.

Infrastructure Tiers

The marketplace offers two tiers of infrastructure: Pro Tier – for production use SSD storage and full redundancy, and Dev Tier – for non-critical apps. For the latter, SSD storage and redundancy are not mandatory

Each location is monitored and ranked for performance and uptime. You can see this data through your control panel.

Hourly Pricing


Dev Tier

Pro Tier










IP Address






VS Deployment Illustration

Using the monthly compute credits included with CPaaS Light, you could deploy virtual servers of different sizes described below.

Additional capacity can be purchased on top of the included monthly credit.