CPaaS Hyper

CPaaS Hyper is dedicated compute infrastructure at your choice of AWS zones: provides extreme performance and scalability for the most demanding workloads.

  • Dedicated compute (AWS)
  • Choose performance & location
  • Self-service or managed deployment
  • 24×7 monitoring & support
  • 5×9 SLAs
For the detailed information on how to manage your OnApp Control Panel provided with CPaaS Hyper, refer to the Control Panel chapter of this guide. 

What does CPaaS Hyper Include?

OnApp Cloud Control Panel

The control panel handles all cloud management functions: this is what you use to create cloud packages, set up users, manage access control, provision resources, manage VSs and more.

Dedicated Compute Infrastructure

CPaaS Hyper uses dedicated (bare metal) compute servers at AWS to provide the CPU, RAM, disk and network resources for your cloud. Using bare metal gives you the maximum flexibility in the cloud services you create for customers and users, especially for workloads that need isolated infrastructure to maximize performance or ensure compliance.

VS Deployment Illustration

Using the monthly compute credits included with CPaaS Hyper,you could deploy virtual servers of different sizes described below.


Illustration assumes 50% disk utilization, 50% CPU over-provisioning and 10% virtualization overhead.